Following a Halloween party, an attractive girl and her friends must fight to escape the nightmarish dwelling of a twisted killer with a dark secret.


Paige is enjoying the evening at a local Halloween party with her doting boyfriend Chris. On the walk home the crew discovers what appears to be an abandoned building. Rick (a friend of the pair) makes the decision to assist Chris in breaking into the old adult costume and toy store, despite protests from their girl friends and an eerie warning from the resident homeless man.
Upon entering the shop the gang part ways to explore and indulge in a little pleasure. Paige continues to remind her friends they shouldn’t be there and tries to get them to leave unsuccessfully as the dwelling’s host skillfully singles out and hunts her friends. All that is remaining is our heroine and her bumbling beau. After discovering Ashley’s body Paige quickly learn everything isn't as it seems. Paige continues to fight for her life until it is only her and the masked villain in a face off to the death.





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