1-28-16 Blu-ray Pre-order!!!!  Click Here

1-11-16 Finally...Here it is!!! Fall of Grayskull in its entirety!!

1-7-16   Getting Kickstarter rewards ready!... Only 4 days til Fall of Grayskull is free to watch online at

12-22-15 The official music video for the theme song to Fall of Grayskull is now up!

12-10-15 Full movie online Jan 11

11-17-15 Thanks to everyone who came out to our screenings this weekend in CA and CT!
Next on the agenda is preparing all the Kickstarter rewards.


ANOTHER awesome FOG review!!Fall-of-Grayskull-Preview/cjds/564571bb0cf2f51f3238cfac


11-16-15 Awesome FOG Review!

11-11-15 Friday in Sacramento

10-30-15 Last 2 screenings!  California & Connecticut  Click here for details.

10-27-15 Awesome review!!!!

10-26-15 Chicago was so much fun!.. such a success! Thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support. It means more to us than you will ever know.

10-20-15 Several people have compared our poster to the brand new Star Wars poster. While our movie will never be ANYTHING close to being as awesome as Star Wars, it is nice to hear these sorts of things and to see the similarities :)

10-13-15 Fall of Grayskull will be screening this Saturday in Louisville, KY at Fright Night Horror Weekend! The film screens at 4pm EST with Q&A following. For more info and tickets:


Awesome review of our film!


10-4-15 Check out the opening paragraph and the first reason on this list!!!! :)

10-3-15 Thank you to the 265+ awesome people who came out last night to our hometown film screening, who donated SEVEN 30 gallon trash bags stuffed full of toys for Toys for Tots, and who made us so happy by supporting us in our endeavor. It means everything.

9-30-15 Article in the Messenger-Inquirer today


9-28-15 A trillion THANK YOUs to everyone who came to our Hollywood premiere!! I love you guys so much!

9-23-15 8 days til......

9-21-15 Only a few more tickets left for our Hollywood (US) premiere at the Egyptian Theatre....the same theater where Return of the Jedi premiered! Don't miss out!

9-19-15 So cool!

9-18-15 We have a very small number of tickets remaining for our Hollywood premiere!! Ticket sales (will call) will end on Sept 23. After that date, no more will be sold. Don't miss out!

9-17-15 Just wanted to let everyone know that we screened the film twice this past weekend in Germany at Grayskull-Con...Everyone enjoyed it, and we received a ton of compliments. Thank you to everyone who made this movie a reality! Only 9 more days til the US premiere in Hollywood!!!!

9-5-15 Less than a week away from the world premiere of Fall of Grayskull at Grayskull-Con in Germany! Here's an wonderful piece of art and bio for the film by the very talented Nate Baertsch...

8-19-15 Fall of Grayskull - Action Figure Weapons Video Review!

8-14-15 Grauman's Egyptian Theatre... The site of the very first Hollywood Premiere in 1922 (Robin Hood).
And now...Fall of Grayskull!!
We are humbled and honored to have our small fan-funded fan film premiering in the US at the same theater as such masterpieces like Alien and Return of the Jedi!
Tickets are available HERE and must be purchased in advance. All our proceeds will go to Make-A-Wish® Greater Los Angeles.

8-13-15 Here it is finally.......The Fall of Grayskull movie poster!!!

8-10-15 Work in progress pic of the new Fall of Grayskull accessory kit! Coming Soon!
The set includes a Fall of Grayskull Head, Chest Harness and Sword. Fully painted and (hopefully) in packaging!

8-4-15 New Fall of Grayskull customizable weapon accessories for use with MOTUC figures!

8-3-15 Fall of Grayskull - Music Video sneak peek!!!!!

7-22-15 Chicago Screening - Oct 24 - All profits go to Special Olympics ChicagoGet Tickets Now!

7-20-15 The Fall Of Grayskull comic is now available for free download!

7-15-15 New Trailer!


6-18-15 He-Man bio!

6-15-15 Fall of Grayskull now has a comic book! This prologue will tell the events leading up to the film.
It will be free to download HERE on Monday, July 20th.
We'll also be giving away physical copies this year at San Diego Comic-Con!
Plus, we plan to have free copies for anyone who attends any of the film's screenings later this year! (which we'll be hopefully announcing soon)

5-11-15 New bio for Shadow Weaver..........

5-1-15 We are currently planning several U.S. screening dates. First... the city where the entire movie was filmed- Owensboro, KY on October 1 at 7pm.
We'll post more details on this showing and others soon.

4-30-15 In the dressing room

4-23-15 Throwback Thursday to a year ago when we first launched our successful Kickstarter campaign! This film would absolutely not have been possible without the support of our generous backers!

4-19-15  Daniel Benedict talks about our upcoming fan short film "Fall of Grayskull" on the Neverland Podcast!

4-9-15 FOG received some international press today...thanks to UK band Ball of Mayhem! They are writing/recording the title track for the film.


World Premiere of Fall of Grayskull!!!


3-14-15 This month's bio!...

3-6-15 The new issue of Die Welt der Meister - Magazin features Fall of Grayskull's Brian Cage as He-Man on the cover, an interview with FOG director Daniel Benedict, and a million more awesome things! Order your copy today!!!!

NOTE: It is only in German. But international customers will get the original English interview versions of Daniel Benedict and Scott Neitlich as an insert.


2-13-15 Teela's Bio!

1-30-15 Here's He-Man...

1-29-15 Reviewing/organizing clips... cheers!


Daniel Benedict talks Fall of Grayskull on the Fanboy Frenzy podcast


1-13-15 Starting now, we'll be posting a bio each month for the characters as they are portrayed in Fall of Grayskull. First up........

12-24-14 Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We're only 5 shots away from having everything completely filmed... oh and here's our Evil-Lyn....

10-31-14 Happy Halloween from Shadow Weaver!

10-14-14 We're about 90% of the way finished shooting our scenes. Just thought you might want to know  :)

10-2-14 Ever wonder what the torches on the walls inside Castle Grayskull look like? We know you've been letting that thought consume your life for years. So here.

9-12-14 We're a news item on Topless Robot!  :)

9-10-14 We still have a lot to film, but principle photography should wrap up in October. We're still planning on having this done by the end of 2015. And to show you guys what we've been up to, here are some clips that we've worked up for a teaser trailer. :)

8-19-14 New Skeletor pic!


The past several days have literally been the most grueling of my life. Over 100 hours spent on movie stuff. We were seriously on set between 18-20 hours a day, and I've never been so tired in my life. But looking back, it was worth it. The time spent doing something I love.. about something I love.. being around people I love. To see all these people pour their everything into this was utterly amazing.



8-12-14 on set

7-29-14 Almost time to start filming.....

6-20-14 Fall of Grayskull poster sketch by Mat O'Toole!

6-10-14 Had a really productive weekend!

6-5-14 100% completed edited tweaked and finished script. :)

5-29-14 Be sure to like our new facebook page to keep up with our progress  :)

5-29-14 Well, it's official. We get to make this movie now!

5-26-14 Check out this awesome concept piece of He-Man using a picture of Brian Cage as a starting off point by Mat O'Toole!!!!



Just finished this oil painting last night. It's going to be on display/for sale tonight at our art show/fundraiser. 7-9pm at Theatre Workshop of Owensboro's Trinity Centre. Free to get in, free refreshemnts, blah blah blah.

5-23-14 Here is the rough concept design for our Castle Grayskull... created by Nate Baertsch...The same guy who helped create Mattel's MOTU Classics Castle Grayskull, Icon Heroes Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain, several He-Man character designs, and does packaging artwork for the Four Horsemen. Nate has also done various comic covers for the 200X He-Man comic done by MV Creations. And a billion other cool things!

5-22-14 #tbt I've always been obsessed with He-Man; it's almost a debilitating condition So that pretty much means my life will be over if I don't get to make this Masters of the Universe short film. We're at 72% with only 1 week left! This is it....... Please take just a minute out of your day and a dollar out of your children's' college fund and help us make this awesome movie! please?

5-21-14 New Promotional Video!

5-14-14 Saturday, May 24 we're hosting a Pop Culture Art Show/Fundraiser to help with our Kickstarter campaign.  Visit our facebook event for details.


We're on  :)


5-5-14 We're currently at 29% of our goal with 3 weeks to go! Please help us make this film a reality and donate to our kickstarter today!.... (logo by: Joe Amaro)

5-2-14 For the price of a moderately priced cup of sugary pseudo-coffee from Starbucks... YOU can make this happen!

4-29-14 Official Kickstarter Video

4-29-14 The Kickstarter page is up!

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