Fall of Grayskull (fan film) Blu-ray Pre-order

Pre-ordering has ended.  Thank you to everyone who ordered!

Originally, DVDs & Blu-rays of Fall of Grayskull were only going to be available to our awesome Kickstarter backers.  And while this film is free to view online, there has been an overwhelming request for Blu-rays to be made available for order.  In response, we are offering this one-time opportunity to own this epic fan film on blu-ray at cost plus shipping.  


Special features include: Outtakes, Behind-The-Scenes, Audio Commentary, "What He-man Means to Me" Featurette, Music Video, Audience Reaction Video, 3 Kickstarter videos, 2 trailers, 2 update videos, and 2 videos displaying our costume workshop and process.


The pre-order will last from now until Feb 29, 2016.  The price break for us is a minimum of 100.  The prices to the right reflect the cost of: cases, discs, covers, disc printing, disc burning, mailing envelopes, and USPS shipping.  If we do not reach the goal of at least 100, all payments will be refunded.  Note: this version's cover will slightly differ from the Kickstarter backer version pictured above.


Estimated delivery: April 2016


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